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Welcome to Journey
Palliative and Hospice

Journey Palliative and Hospice provides quality end-of-life and palliative care to patients with debilitating, terminal medical conditions.

We are dedicated to preserving the simple yet enduring principles of care centered around compassion, preservation of patient integrity, and most importantly, patient autonomy.

By assuring that each patient’s autonomy is respected, we meet their needs with compassion and integrity through every stage of their journey.

Journey Palliative and Hospice in Burbank CA

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Support

We individualize our care to meet the specific needs of our patients and their families regardless of their cultural background.

In-Home Care

We can provide in-home palliative care so that the patient can stay in the environment where they feel safe and comfortable. In doing so, we also alleviate some of the physical, emotional and financial burdens of caregivers.

Dignity and Respect

Our caring team strives to honor the patient’s wishes through every stage of care, assuring a peaceful transition.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!


My sister was recommended hospice care in her losing battle with metastatic breast cancer, which had spread like wildfire throughout her body. Journey Palliative and Hospice seamlessly arranged her medical transportation and brought my sister home. By the time we arrived at my sister's place they had sent over a hospital bed along with everything my sister needed for her comfort. Our nurse spent 2 hours answering questions and explaining the services offered to us. A health aide stopped by twice a week to bathe my sister and keep her clean. In the end, when the time came, our nurse was with us the whole night. It brings me tremendous peace to know that my older sister, who was very much like a mother to me, went peacefully, in her own home as she had requested.


When they said they were available 24/7 they meant it. Journey Palliative and hospice was with us every step of the way. They made sure my father's last days were comfortable and that our family's needs were met.


My mom had debilitating Alzheimer's Disease and heart failure, our nurse and our hospice team were in constant communication with us. I Felt that my concerns were optimally addressed and that the care my mother received was abundant in compassion.

Get the Care and Support Your Loved Ones Need

Your loved one deserves the utmost quality of life, and to retain as much agency as possible. Journey Palliative and Hospice is dedicated to making sure that every patient receives empathetic care that maximizes autonomy and comfort. To find out how we can help your loved one and family, please give us a call now at (818) 748-3427 to schedule your consultation.