Journey Palliative and Hospice provides Burbank hospice care services to terminally ill patients with a wide range of diagnoses. Our goal is to maximize the comfort and autonomy of your loved one while supporting your family through this transition.

Patient services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability (mental or physical ), communicable disease, or place of origin.

Journey Palliative and Hospice has built a multilingual, multicultural care team to assure that the vast needs of our diverse community are met. Our multidisciplinary team consists of professionals who are available 24/7. Learn more about the team members who will be supporting your loved one and family below.

Personal Physician

To ensure your loved one receives the most consistent, personal, dedicated care, we assign a personal physician. We match each patient with the physician whose experience with their condition will bring the greatest benefits to your loved one.

Medical Director

Our medical director supports our entire team, taking an active role in pain management and treatment plans, and ensures that team members can coordinate with each other to provide the most effective and compassionate care.

Registered Nurses

Your loved one’s registered nurse does much of the hands-on work of checking vitals and administering medications and treatments. The registered nurse also updates records and keeps your loved one’s team apprised of their condition and needs.

Social Worker

This member of the team provides counselling services to patients and family members, while also helping the patient to advocate for their wishes and exercise their agency.

Chaplain / Spiritual Care

While your loved one’s physician and nurse see to the needs of the body, the chaplain sees to your loved one’s spiritual well-being. We make it our mission to provide spiritual support to patients of every faith.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The certified nursing assistant provides hands-on support like bathing, grooming, basic housekeeping, and more.

Bereavement Counselor

Our bereavement counselor is here to support family and friends of the patient during this challenging time. We offer individual counseling, support groups and a range of community resources to help you process your grief before and after your loved one passes.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Vicky E.
Vicky E.
00:01 24 Aug 23
There are no words for how wonderful Journey Palliative and Hospice was for my mom and our family. Our Hospice nurse, Ovsanna, was incredibly kind and caring and careful with mom, who was 100. With patience and care, she shared with us the process of passing and was so giving of her time as mom moved through these stages. Ovsanna was available for us 24/7 and would come anytime mom/we needed. She was aware of the comfort my mom would need and was there for her. Her kindness and understanding brought comfort to us as well. We felt completely supported, even after mom's passing. I would recommend this company with wholehearted sincerity for the best care your loved one could receive.

Learn More About Your Hospice Team

All of the dedicated, compassionate professionals above are standing by waiting to provide the 24/7 care your loved one and family need. To find out more about your hospice team and how they can help to provide physical and emotional support, please give us a call at (818) 748-3427 to schedule your consultation.