The Four Levels of Hospice Care

Hospice care is divided into four levels. Which level of care is needed depends on the individual needs of the patient. Medicare covers each of these four levels for care connected to the condition resulting in the terminal diagnosis.

Routine Home Care in Burbank CA

Routine Home Care

The first level of care is Routine Home Care. With this level of care, your loved one is still able to stay safely and comfortably in their residence. We send our multidisciplinary team directly to your loved one’s home to offer palliative care and other forms of assistance.

One of our top goals at Journey Palliative and Hospice is to maximize the amount of care your loved one can receive at home. That way, your loved one can remain where they feel the greatest sense of safety, contentment and autonomy, and the physical, emotional and financial burdens on your family are minimized.

Continuous Care in Burbank CA

Continuous Care

If a medical crisis necessitates Continuous Care, the next level of care goes into effect. Here are several examples of situations where your loved one might need this level of care:

  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Severe pain that cannot be managed
  • Nausea and vomiting that will not stop

With this level of care, we provide continuous bedside support until your loved one’s condition is stable.

Respite Care in Burbank CA

Respite Care

This short-term service exists to support primary caregivers. We move your loved one into an inpatient facility for care for up to 5 days so that you can step away and do other things.

Caregivers may request respite care to cope with compassion fatigue and burnout, or to take care of other important commitments.

In-Patient Care  in Burbank CA

In-Patient Care

Sometimes the patient needs more support than is possible in a home setting. When that is the case, we bring your loved one to an in-patient facility while we work to stabilize their condition.

Most of the time, in-patient care lasts fewer than 8 days. Once your loved one is doing better, we return them to their home.

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Vicky E.
Vicky E.
00:01 24 Aug 23
There are no words for how wonderful Journey Palliative and Hospice was for my mom and our family. Our Hospice nurse, Ovsanna, was incredibly kind and caring and careful with mom, who was 100. With patience and care, she shared with us the process of passing and was so giving of her time as mom moved through these stages. Ovsanna was available for us 24/7 and would come anytime mom/we needed. She was aware of the comfort my mom would need and was there for her. Her kindness and understanding brought comfort to us as well. We felt completely supported, even after mom's passing. I would recommend this company with wholehearted sincerity for the best care your loved one could receive.

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