At Journey Palliative and Hospice, you can get the quality end-of-life care your loved one needs. We know that patients require a range of services, and that families may also need support while they provide care to their loved ones. To meet the needs of the entire family, we offer a range of hospice services.

Our Hospice Services in Burbank

Hospice Care

As your loved one is nearing the end of life, hospice care treats pain and symptoms while also offering emotional support and companionship.

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In-Home Caregiving

One of our primary focuses at Journey is on providing as much care as possible in the patient’s home. Doing so helps the patient to feel safe while reducing the burden on caregivers. It also lets you spend more time together in the place where you have created and shared so many memories.

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Palliative Care

Much of the care that takes place during the end-of-life stage is focused around alleviating pain and suffering. By relieving symptoms, we can maintain as much quality of life as possible for your loved one with 24/7 palliative care.

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Respite Care

Caregivers can be pushed to their limits by the demands of taking care of their loved ones. Respite care allows caregivers to take a short break to recharge.

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Bereavement Services

We offer bereavement support to the loved ones of the patient, preparing you for the transition and helping you process your grief after your loved one has passed.

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Specialized Pain Management

Our pain management specialists at Journey are skilled in providing relief from symptoms resulting form a wide range of health conditions.

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Wound Care

Our caring team can help to treat wounds to prevent infection and promote healing while simultaneously continuing to treat the patient’s underlying condition(s).

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Home Health Aide

Our home health aids help with medication administration, meal preparation, personal care for the patient, light housekeeping and more while caring for your loved one at home.

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Physical Therapy Services

Some health conditions can benefit from physical therapy. Our PT specialists can help to relieve pain and maximize function for your loved one.

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Durable Medical Equipment

We use high-quality Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in our hospice setting to ensure that patients are receiving the best care.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!


My sister was recommended hospice care in her losing battle with metastatic breast cancer, which had spread like wildfire throughout her body. Journey Palliative and Hospice seamlessly arranged her medical transportation and brought my sister home. By the time we arrived at my sister's place they had sent over a hospital bed along with everything my sister needed for her comfort. Our nurse spent 2 hours answering questions and explaining the services offered to us. A health aide stopped by twice a week to bathe my sister and keep her clean. In the end, when the time came, our nurse was with us the whole night. It brings me tremendous peace to know that my older sister, who was very much like a mother to me, went peacefully, in her own home as she had requested.


When they said they were available 24/7 they meant it. Journey Palliative and hospice was with us every step of the way. They made sure my father's last days were comfortable and that our family's needs were met.


My mom had debilitating Alzheimer's Disease and heart failure, our nurse and our hospice team were in constant communication with us. I Felt that my concerns were optimally addressed and that the care my mother received was abundant in compassion.

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You can click on any of the links above to learn more about the services we offer at Journey Palliative and Hospice. Have questions about our services, are ready to learn how we can help your loved one and family? Please give us a call at (818) 748-3427 to schedule your consultation.