It is common to have questions about what hospice is and how it works. Below, you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hospice care.

Q: What is hospice?

A: Hospice is a type of end-of-life care that begins once curative treatments for a terminal condition cease. The aim of hospice care is to maximize the comfort, function, dignity and autonomy of the patient during their final days, weeks or months of life. Hospice care also provides support and resources for caregivers.

The multi-disciplinary hospice team offers a broad range of services including palliative care, physical therapy, home health aide services, counseling, bereavement services, social work and more.

Q: Who qualifies for hospice?

A: A patient can qualify for hospice if they have a terminal diagnosis and an estimated six months or less to live. If patients live longer than six months in hospice care, services can be extended beyond six months.

Q: Who pays for hospice?

A: There are a range of options for paying for hospice including Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, private insurance and others. When you call us for your consultation, we can help you figure out the most economical way to cover the costs of hospice.

Q: Where do patients receive hospice care?

A: Most hospice care is performed where the patient lives. That can be a house, an assisted living community, a nursing home, or any other type of residence. In-patient care is performed as necessary, but hospice prioritizes allowing the patient to stay in their home as much as possible.

Q: Do you offer hospice in my area?

A: We provide hospice services in Riverside County, LA County, Ventura County and Orange County. See our Areas We Service page for more information. If you do not see your location listed, please contact us to ask what we can offer in your area.

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

Mark L.
Mark L.
23:27 11 Jun 24
I have met the owners of Journey Palliative and Hospice and they are amazing! Ignore the ridiculous fake reviews.
Irma R.
Irma R.
22:25 06 Feb 24
I can't began to share with you of how thankful I am to Journey Hospice in dealing with my love one. Ovsanna was so professional and through in explaining to me what their services were and how they implement them. When we moved Frank to the new location Ovsanna was right there and took me aside and informed me that he was actually Transitioning now. She explained very gently and compassionately that it may be hours or a few days. He passed within a few hours. Emmanuel the RN came to stay with Frank overnight if needed and actually pronounced his passing was so kind and compassionate. The gentleness that they both gave Frank was so noted by all of us present. Also the priest (can't recall his name) was there at his bedside in time to give him the last rites. I can't praise Journey Hospice and their staff enough. I will recommend them to anyone who ask me about Hospice. Again Thank You and God Bless you for all the work you do. Irma Rocha
Deborah E.
Deborah E.
20:15 03 Oct 23
We had a wonderful experience with Journey Palliative and Hospice, after having a not so wonderful experience with another hospice. This company was so responsive and understanding. Our nurse, Ovsanna, was so caring and explained the whole dying process and what to expect as time went by. She was so patient with mom, and with all of us as we had questions. She was available whenever we needed her. The company took care of ordering all supplies and medications. It made the transition so much easier for all of us. I highly recommend this company.
S. G.
S. G.
03:21 30 Sep 23
Journey hospice has provided wonderful care to my family member. Each staff member has been kind, caring, and compassionate. They have taken into great consideration the needs of my loved one. Journey hospice treated my family member like they were their own, and I am grateful to them.
Vicky E.
Vicky E.
00:01 24 Aug 23
There are no words for how wonderful Journey Palliative and Hospice was for my mom and our family. Our Hospice nurse, Ovsanna, was incredibly kind and caring and careful with mom, who was 100. With patience and care, she shared with us the process of passing and was so giving of her time as mom moved through these stages. Ovsanna was available for us 24/7 and would come anytime mom/we needed. She was aware of the comfort my mom would need and was there for her. Her kindness and understanding brought comfort to us as well. We felt completely supported, even after mom's passing. I would recommend this company with wholehearted sincerity for the best care your loved one could receive.

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